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Six ballet dancers in silhouette on stage with pink lighting
Artistic Dance Academy

Temecula’s dance community

At Artistic Dance Academy, we believe that dance is an expression of emotions and we warmly welcome each student who shares our passion.

Our inclusive atmosphere is designed to support every dancer, whether you’re here for the artistry, or here for the fun.

Open registration for the 2024/2025 season begins .

The new season begins .

The best dancer they can be

A Personalized Approach

Our instructors get to know each student, discovering their strengths and where there's room for growth.

A focus on technique

We emphasize dance technique, helping dancers build a solid foundation and confidence.

A Non-competitive studio

Students can enjoy the art of dance without the extra fees or pressure that a competitive environment brings.

A Supportive Team

Our instructors guide our dancers in a warm, supportive way, and create long-term relationships that help them thrive.

Your neighborhood dance studio

You’re not just joining a dance class… your family is joining a community that is excited to see you every single week. Whether your dancer is just starting out or is ready to hit the stage, there is a home for you here.

Check out the classes at our new Temecula studio, and join us for some dance lessons.