Dress Code

  • Hair in a neat, secure bun
  • Salmon Bloch pink tights
  • Ballet shoes, Prolite 11 hybrid, leather split sole with canvas arch (adult and child)


  • Pointe – Black Leotard
  • Ballet 5 – Burgundy Leotard
  • Ballet 4 – Navy Blue Leotard
  • Ballet 3 – Hunter Green Leotard
  • Ballet 2 – Lavender Leotard
  • Ballet 1 – Pink Leotard
  • Ballet Teen – Black Leotard

Ballet Dance

Our goals for the ballet student are:

  1. To develop principles of correct body alignment, coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and movement articulation.
  2. To learn basic ballet terminology and become familiar with the typical ballet class progression.
  3. To continue to achieve greater degrees of strength and clarity in the outward rotation of the legs and to develop greater precision in small, detailed action.
Two female ballet dancers in red costumes against purple stage wall