Dress Code

  • Any fitted dance wear
  • Hair is at the discretion of the instructor
  • Shoes are different for each level, make sure you check with the instructor before purchasing

Acro Dance

Acro (acrobatic dance) is a style that blends artistic dance with athletic acrobatic elements. The choreography is a fusion of artistry and strength, and incorporates many styles of dance. It often pairs contemporary, lyrical, modern, hip hop or jazz with acrobatic skills. 

Acro dance gives students a well-rounded agility and a deeper sense of body/movement awareness. It generally focuses on strength, balance, flexibility, balance, and skill building, but may also include tumbling, contortion and lifts. 

Like other dance styles, expression through movement, emotions, characters, and music is a big part of acro dance.

Four female dancers performing acro dance on stage